Axdahl Brian - Stillwater, MN

Axdahl Brian – Stillwater, MN

We’re approved by the Midwest Food Alliance. Axdahl Farms, whose roadside stand has been a fixture in Stillwater for more than three decades is heavily involved in the Conservation Stewardship Program. Axdahl Farms follows standards for conserving and protecting natural ...
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Atkinson Lisa - Minneapolis, MN

Atkinson Lisa – Minneapolis, MN

We LOVE dinner parties and have created two options for you as we head into winter. With two menus to choose from, you can select “food only” which will include all the reheat instructions to throw your dinner party. Or ...
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Atilano Annalise - Detroit Lakes, MN

Atilano Annalise – Detroit Lakes, MN

, ...
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Artymiuk Lindsey - Rochester, MN

Artymiuk Lindsey – Rochester, MN

Cookies , Cupcakes and Cakes
Hi everyone! My name is Lindsey Artymiuk, and I’m the founder of ArtyCakes – a home cottage* bakery! Baking for me is a hobby turned passion. I was baking so frequently that my family and friends couldn’t keep up with ...
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