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The Morning Sun Pie Society - La Crescent, MN

The Morning Sun Pie Society – La Crescent, MN

Since 2012, Dean Aponte-Safe has been baking with two goals in mind: to create delicious baked goods and to share them with people he loves. In 2019, he married his partner, Gerardo, and the idea for a small pie company was born. Working ...
Traci's Tasty Treats - Alexandria, MN

Traci’s Tasty Treats – Alexandria, MN

Cupcakes and Cakes
The best thing about having a personal chef is the incredible personalised value you get for your money. You get to watch your diet and consume fresh meals prepared from fresh ingredients and products. At Chef Traci's Tasty Treats, I ...
Katie's Kookies MN - Elko, MN

Katie’s Kookies MN – Elko, MN

BakeryKatie’s Kookies is a home baker and cottage licensed cookie maker in MN.. Enjoy my fun designs and look in the files for ordering or reaching out. Cookies, https://katiescookiesmn.com/ ...
Axdahl Brian - Stillwater, MN

Axdahl Brian – Stillwater, MN

We’re approved by the Midwest Food Alliance. Axdahl Farms, whose roadside stand has been a fixture in Stillwater for more than three decades is heavily involved in the Conservation Stewardship Program. Axdahl Farms follows standards for conserving and protecting natural ...

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